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Dawn Higgins Official


Dawn Higgins Official is Curve Network KC's preferred photographer!

Dawn Higgins uses her camera to document the world with print-quality images that focus on the magical moments in daily life.  Check out her portrait and personal business branding photography to help keep your social media brand fresh.

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The Model Board


The Model Board is a modeling industry product and service based company. The Model Board is a COALITION of agency-represented models and fashion professionals offering reputable and reliable model development, mentoring and coaching.

79 Roze


79 Roze is a black dress boutique catering to curvy divas. Our name is inspired by the flower rose, which represents beauty, timelessness and confidence, just as our brand does. 
Philosophy: "Every woman should feel beautiful and embrace their curves or body type."


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For a chance to be featured and promoted on our Social Media Platforms follow the steps provided below: 

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- Direct Message or Email 1 to 6 images of yourself to Curve Network KC  (8x10 vertical photography and 1x1 images work best).

- When submitting images to Curve Network KC, please provide: your name, social media handles, website (if applicable), accreditation information, and location (city, state, and country).

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Events Coming Soon!

Up Coming Curve Network KC Created & Sponsored Events

Learn more about our up-coming, Curve Network KC, created and sponsor events that are fully-polished, curvalious-quality, and 100% professional. These voluptuous Curve Network KC events aim to foster change around cultural stigma's placed on the human body. Through enlightenment, acceptance, and diversity, self-love and community acceptance is possible.

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